About us

When it comes to education, those who have access to the best resources and the latest resources have the greatest chance to succeed. But as is so often the case in the field of education, we often have so many resources at our fingertips through search engines that it is hard to know which ones are great for our needs and which fall short.

At Elementary Blueprint, our vision is to harness the insight and experience of all of the greatest teachers across the world and bring them all together in one platform where we can learn from the experiences, insight, and recommendations of our colleagues in education. This way, instead of blindly clicking through search engines for the right resource and wondering if they are going to work, you can easily find the tried and true favorites of other teachers.

Our unique platform allows all teachers to tailor their own experiences by selecting what subjects, disciplines and grade levels are relevant to their needs. With a custom feed, every time teachers log in, they can easily see newly added resources that match their exact interests and needs. But equally importantly, all teachers can also share their own resources, and rate and provide feedback and comments on other resources to help fellow teachers make use of those things that have worked best and avoid those that do not. With our teachers as content experts, we cover every subject and areas related to support services, working proactively to master the ever-evolving education system and keep everyone in the know.

As technology and research moves us forward, we’ve built the ultimate platform for success during these vital years of academic, social, and emotional growth.

So whether you’re a teacher running a classroom full of varying needs, switching grade levels or subject areas, tutoring a child, or are a parent working to help your child at home, our goal is build a platform where all teachers can share what they know and connect you with the latest and greatest resources and information to help you instruct your young learners.

Last updated: April 2020